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Steps for sewer overhaul taking shape


San Benito city officials are taking the right steps to fund the first phase of an $8.2 million state-mandated sewer system upgrade. They recently voted to borrow $1.5 million to fund the first phase.

The project comes from a 2012 agreement with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”) that requires the city to upgrade its sewer system by March 2023 or face heavy fines. This all as a result of sewer spills occurring in 2009 and 2010.

The overall project is anticipated to be completed by November 2022 in order to meet the March 2023 deadline.

In October 2012, the city entered into an agreement with TCEQ to participate in its overflow program following a series of sewage spills totaling 49,000 gallons in a matter of two months.

As part of an agreement, the state waived penalties, ordering the city to upgrade its sewer system by March 2023 or face severe fines and corrective action.

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Waterline Renewal Technologies
Waterline Renewal Technologies